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Fully hosted estate management solution.

‘Estate Ranger has provided us with an intelligent technology solution for the recording and management of wildlife, which is easy to use, adaptable and dynamic.’
Deirdre Stewart, Estate Manager, Invermark


We’re changing the way the World thinks about Estate Management

Promoting sustainability and wildlife conversation throughout the rural landscape by introducing geospatial technology to promote best practice

Fully Secure

Complete hosted solution.

No installation or IT involvement required.

 Access your data from anywhere in the world.

And remember your data is your data, its not shared with anyone .

Out the box ready

A range of zero 'ready to go' modules ensure that you are productive from day one.

Advanced user training is available, but users can be up and running, within minutes,

mobile first

The heart of the Estate Ranger system is an intuitive mobile app, allowing data to be collected and reviewed at the place its needed 

Capture Location, Photos, Videos and Attributes for all environmental 'assets'. 


Supports return navigation and 'Visit' records 

data included

A wide range of government open source data sets come pre-configured in the system, including soil and habitat types, designated sites, geology, woodland condition surveys, historic deer counts and weather patterns

If you have access to additional special interest data sets they can be addedas well

real time

Data captured in the field is instantly available for review in the office.

In the event of no mobile network coverage, captured data is stored locally, automatically syncing as soon as coverage is restored


includes a range of lone worker protection functions 

Request for Assistance, 

Detection of No-Movement 

Time limited dangerous environment alerts.


Add additional open source 'mapping' Data.

Extend data capture forms Add drone imagery and video footage.


Out of the box is only the beginning.

cost effective

Simple single user or site license options ensure a cost effective solution for any sized estate.

Mobile app will run on  existing Android/iOS hardware,or on our specially designed, improved accuracy, extra rugged, longlife hardware from Trimble


Estate Ranger is available with a suite of ready to go options

Habitat Module

Mobile recording and display of habitat impact assessment surveys including:

  • Best practice guidance

  • Habitat impact assessment

  • National Vegetation Classification mapping

  • Phase 1 surveys

  • UKHab surveys

Predator and Vermin Management Module

Compliance based recording of:

  • Mobile recording of fox dens and corvid nests etc

  • Predator locations and species

  • Droppings and Tracks

  • Trap management (including type, navigation, personal identification numbers and Trap Visit recording)

  • Staff can be allocated tasks remotely

Deer Module

Everything you need to record Deer counts and culls. Brings Best practice deer management into the hands of all estate owners.

  • Mobile recoding of Deer counts/recruitment and culls

  • Larder management – cull records and traceability

  • Dashboard display and data export of season totals

  • Mobile App based To Do List

Grouse Module

Includes all the management functionality plus the facility to

  • Identify and manage Walk Lines

  • Collect Grouse Counts

  • Nest Welfare (Record/Visits and Medicines)

  • Grit distribution and cleanup

  • Muirburn areas

Mobile Hardware

The Estate Ranger Mobile app will run on a range of consumer iOS or Android hardware platforms, But for the best experience and accuracy KOREC recommend the Trimble all day mobile device range

If you have higher accuracy needs, Estate Ranger Mobile will run on a full range of trimble High Accuarcy Devices

Management Portal

Dont need mobile capture ? The Estate Ranager base module gives access to all the open source mapping data sets and allows data to be manually created within the portal



A different approach, using the latest mobile technology to implement industry best practice.

But dont just take our word for it. Here is Deirdre Stewart with her take on it

‘There are many reasons for instigating the use of these systems, most importantly best practice and compliance. But overriding is the wish to innovate and develop systems for our specific needs and uses, which can inform and add to our understanding of wildlife management. Where we take great pride in our biodiversity and landscapes, we similarly pride ourselves in our ability to record, manage and enhance wildlife and habitat through sustainable land management practices.  Estate Ranger has allowed us an intelligent technology solution for the recording and management of wildlife, which is easy to use, adaptable and dynamic.’

Deirdre Stewart

Estate Manager Invermark



KOREC have been working closely with leading rural consultants Angus Davidson for over 3 years. 

The Estate Ranger product is the accumulation of their rural industry experise and the geospacial solutions developed by KOREC.

Angus Davidson LTD

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